Food Funk

Sometimes, we just don’t know ourselves well enough. Then, along comes someone to point that out to us, and teach us more about ourselves than we ever knew before.
Tonight, I was in a food funk. Slightly annoyed. Somewhat cranky. Sort of irritable. I had to hit the grocery store right after work for some soy free specialties and coupled with my once in a blue I have a food allergy frustration, I was feeling, well, funky. And, Boy Eat saw it right from the start.
I made it through the grocery store, into the car and then I started talking. Ugh, I’m so tired. I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. It’s cold. What to eat tonight? Tired of everything. Don’t have any leftovers. Have to make something. But, what? Whine. Whine. Whine. And, I still have to make dinner, and I hope it even tastes good or else why even bother? I have to boil and saute, and I’m tired. Really really tired.
You are in a food funk, my friend, he told me.
A food funk?
Yes, he said, a food funk.
Turns out, Boy Eat had it pegged. The grocery store did not have a couple of my standby favorite things and I was frustrated. Food allergy world can make a girl cranky sometimes and that usually puts me into what Boy Eat has now coined a food funk.
Yes, he was saying, a food funk. Every once in a while you hit a point and you feel a little tired with everything you eat and you reinvent your food, and start making completely new things.
Hmmmm…I thought. Could this be true?
And, it is. Every once in a while I get tired of my go-to meals, the stuff I eat all the time. Over and over again. And, I throw in some new things, and create new favorites. Tonight was definitely a restart night. I’m already thinking of new things to eat in the next few weeks. Funny thing is, I was tired but what was really annoying me was my food funk. Pretty interesting huh? And, not just because Boy Eat figured it out. It’s even more interesting because being tired with what I was eating was enough to put me in a funky mood about everything.
So, let’s look at our plates. If you’re tired of looking at the same old thing, over and over again, it might be time for a change. Otherwise, you might find yourself there too, in a food funk.


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