Restriction is a really funny thing.
When we are little, the word Don’t immediately sparks our interest. That one little word, in fact, makes everything that comes after it seem that much more interesting, desirable, fanfreakingtastic. And, we learn from it.
We know that if we tell a child NOT to do something, that child most likely wants to do it even more now. And with bells on. Over and over again.
So, why is it, with this lesson so deeply ingrained into our brain, we cannot understand that we work the same way as adults, over and over again.
Don’t eat sugar.
Sugar sugar sugar sugar cookie brownie chocolate chips Nutella pancakes waffles maple syrup blueberry muffins scones hot chocolate vanilla latte milkshake ice cream, and on and on and on.
In fact, the more we deprive ourselves intentionally, the more it feels like just that-deprivation, and the more it makes us want whatever it is we are seeking to eliminate from our diets.
Like sugar.
Or carbs.
Or fat.
Because, the human body, despite its absolutely fantastically designed machinery, is also a great deal emotion. And, when we tell it not to want something it will do just the opposite. Want it.
Sure, we can train it to appreciate the healthy foods by giving it the good fuel and making our bodies realize how good that feels. But, there will come a time when even the most healthily fed body will want sugar.
And carbs.
And fat.
And, all of the above in a delicious slice of double chocolate cake. Boy Eat, I’m looking at you. Double chocolate cake, please.
The point here is this. I have heard a lot in the last week about restriction from a group of acquaintances that are hell bent on losing a few pounds. But, perhaps the answer is somewhat simpler. Perhaps we do just the opposite, and indulge, in moderation in each of our body’s wants, desires, and cravings and teach it the most valuable lesson of all, that, anything, in moderation is good, and that, without a healthy dose of moderation, life isn’t nearly as good or as chocolaty as it could be.


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