No Regrets

One of the worst absolutely funkiest biggest downer ever things about life is regret.
In some areas, regret can be good.
Regretting hurting someone? That could lead to repairing a relationship and your own soul.
Regretting a career choice? Perhaps you can rethink that choice, and make a different choice next time, or now.
Regretting what you ate? Well, this gets tricky.
If you ate something that just made you feel so awful you cannot believe you even ate it because it made you sick a thousand times before too, well, a little regret is natural. (and it might finally convince you to stop eating that pound of cheese at one sitting).
But, regretting calories, or fat, or carbohydrates?
Or, the amount of Super Bowl snacks you enjoyed? Christmas cookies you ate? Valentine’s chocolates you devoured?
Bad. Real bad.
This regret serves no purpose.
This regret can hurt you.
This regret hurts us all.
Some may say this kind of regret pushes us to choose our food more wisely. To design our diets more carefully. To fuel our bodies better.
I say, blah. Sometimes, you got to live a little. And, while healthifying Super Bowl snacks is a good idea, regretting what you ate is not. If you feel good and you enjoyed every single delicious bite, move on. Now.
And, remember, you just might want a salad for lunch today to get in some greens. Or, you just might some of those Super Bowl leftovers.
Either way, you are no less worthy. No less good. No less important. Not any different at all. Despite the cheesy poofs.
So, smile, and be glad for a day enjoyed. Spinach dip and all.


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