Snack Time

There are so many freaking articles about healthy snacks-but they all pretty much say the same thing.
The healthiest snack accomplishes its mission-tiding you over to your next meal and being tasty, all at the same time.
You know the drill.
Cheese and crackers.
Cheese and a piece of fruit.
Yogurt and granola.
Hummus and pita or carrot sticks.
And, most of the time, these tips are so helpful.
Like in the middle of a work day. Hummus and pita chips, don’t mind if I do.
Or, between lunch and dinner. Mmm, cheese and crackers.
But, sometimes, just sometimes, you just want a snack. Some chips. A few M and Ms. A couple of twizzlers. And, that’s ok.
Like at the movies. (I’m not pulling out hummus at a theater)
Or, late on a Friday night when I’m watching movies. (Don’t hand me no carrot sticks)
Because, when we are healthy snack eaters most of the time or even a lot of the time it is perfectly fine to just enjoy a snack sometimes. And you just might enjoy it. Imagine that.
Tasty snack. And, a little fun. Now, that’s all that…and a bag of chips.


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