Truly Satisfied

Typically, I eat a certain number of pizza slices of pizza.
And, almost always, I eat that same number of slices. Then, tonight came and I ate less, and I was satisfied. Done.
Experts say different things. Stop right before you are full. Stop when you are satisfied. Eat a little after you are full. I’ve joined the camp that eats until we are satisfied.
Sure, eating until you are satisfied, no more, might mean you get hungry thirty minutes later. That’s fine. Your body was done with whatever food you were eating first, so move on, perhaps to something else.
It also might mean that you are a little overfull, and you might feel “stuffed” for a while. That’s okay too. Sometimes we go over our limit. Go on a short walk. Relax. The next time you get hungry (and believe me, you will), you’ll have forgotten how much you ate this time (or, at the very least, you should forget what you ate this time). Maybe your body will even out by wanting less food the next time you eat. Maybe not. Maybe your body needed extra fuel. Maybe not. Maybe you just really liked how the pizza tasted. That’s okay too.
Sometimes, you will hit the mark exactly, but your instincts aren’t perfect, so don’t expect this or be disappointed that it did not happen.
In a world where it can sometimes seem like everyone’s counting calories, or watching their weight, or adding points, it is hard to let go of it all and just eat until you are satisfied. Sometimes that means four pizza slices, sometimes two. Sometimes it means you eat one piece and eat a gigantic salad. Each time may be different, or the same.
The reward is worth it. Because eating until you’re satisfied, and not until you’ve reached ___ points or eaten ____ calories, comes with one priceless boon. And it’s very simple.
Eat until you are TRULY satisfied and you will be just that-truly satisfied.


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