A Sense of Purpose

In recent weeks, I spent some time contemplating whether writing Girl Eat was making the difference I wanted it to make.

I wondered if writing Girl Eat meant as much to me as I thought.
And then I went to a bridal shower.

Gifts galore, cupcakes you would dream of, and little tiny bride chocolates that would make even the sturdiest heart melt a little.

And, in the midst of all the happiness and joy, I sat down at a little table, coca cola in hand, to enjoy the afternoon and the irresistible chatter. Until I heard this.

Yeah, my doctor says it’s safe. It’s a hormone that makes your body think it’s pregnant.
Really? My friend lost fifty pounds using that.
I hear though that you can only eat a few hundred calories a day.
And, if you don’t eat you gain weight anyways.
My doctor just put me on a drug and told me to eat better and exercise. The drug didnt do anything on its own so I stopped taking it.
I think the answer is just to cut out the carbs. I mean, I love the bread and pasta but seriously, they’re evil. Just evil. Especially on my butt.
Alright, now putting aside that when a girl reaches the ripe old age of ahem, thirty something, she has been to one too many shower. bridal showers. baby showers.
One too many weddings.
Perhaps, even, one too many bachelorette parties.
But, even still, really? Seriously? Despite my slight hesitation to partake in wedding charades, isn’t it absolutely appalling that a group of women cannot have a conversation at a bridal shower without at least one of them bringing up the subject of the latest fad diet? Or calories? Or restriction? Or diet drugs?
Can’t we all just talk about the things that truly matter? Can’t we talk about our bodies like we do machines, and let ourselves get healthier by realizing we have to fuel this machine, and enjoy ourselves a little along the way?
Why this?
Why the judgment?
Why the envy?
Why the intolerable discussion of plans that are unbelievably bad for you (regardless of what a doctor says-and I retain my right to this opinion)
I mean, seriously?
Come on, people. COME ON.
What have we done to ourselves? And, whatever it is, let’s stop. Because there are WAY more fun things to talk about at a bridal shower than the fact that you think your hips are too big, that you should take a drug that makes your body thinks it is pregnant to lose weight, or that eating no carbohydrates at all will make you thin (and really, really sad and sick).
I started to say something, but the words got stuck in my throat, and I realized. I cannot be the Debbie Downer at this party. They don’t want me here raining on their I hate fat parade. But, I also realized something else. In as much as Girl Eat reaches just one person, just one person who realizes that food is not evil, that diets do not work, and that listening to our bodies is the way to go (along with beauty comes in all sizes, and do not judge yourself so harshly), then it appears I have found my sense of purpose again.
Welcome back everyone.
And, while I am appalled at the discussions that went on at that bridal shower, let me say this. I thank the women who helped me realize how important Girl Eat truly is.


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