Oh, How the Times Have Changed (and Not for the Better)

Oh, how times have changed-and not for the better.
Google Marilyn Monroe. Kim Novak. Jayne Mansfield. Google 1950s magazine model and take a look at the pinup girls in the good ‘ol days. Now, granted, I am just as oh my goodness this is just objectification of women as the next person but come on, people, just look. Watch an old movie, a good, classic, old movie, even one from the 80s, and marvel at the actresses, and how healthy they look.
Now Google America’s Next Top Model. Google supermodel. Google 1990′s beauty icon.
It is not hard to see the difference.
What is hard is trying to figure out why we took healthy-looking happy women and made them think they had to starve themselves, constantly diet, look malnourished, be as thin as freaking possible, to be our beauty icons.
What is hard is trying to figure out why nobody sees or understands that this is why so many women and men suffer from eating disorders.
What is hard is trying to figure out why we don’t just see that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and the beholder usually wants the object of his affection to be healthy and happy, too.
Turns out we have done this to ourselves. Over time, we have chipped away at our visions of beauty so much that we have not simply crafted a newer, more modern look for our supermodels. Let’s face it, every ten years or so it’s time for some change. Maybe a hair change. Style change. Even getting healthier change. But, not this. Not this.
We are starving them. They are starving themselves. And, for what?
And, let me be clear, there’s nothing wrong with being thin, if you just so happen to be thin. But, the pressures of thinness in the fashion world and Hollywood? Hearing that seven year old girls want to diet? Letting more and more people succumb to society’s pressures for thinness by sacrificing themselves to eating disorders?
And, now, suddenly, instead of just embracing our health, celebrating thin along with larger women who just so happen to be healthy, too most important thing ever, we have cast aside any woman who does not fit this ridiculously absurd and unrealistic body shape from modeling, and, in some cases, from acting, too. Women and men constantly feel the pressure to be thin. But, for what?
Because if you just take a couple of seconds, and go ahead and Google, you will see too.
Those curves? Those smiles? Having a little meat on your bones?
That’s pretty darn beautiful. And, it’s not hard to figure that out.


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