What’s Eating You, and What Are You Eating?

This blog is written so that people everywhere hear the message that we should enjoy food, every day, in every way possible, and not allow food to become our worst enemy, an evil in our lives that should be controlled, limited, dominated.

But, there are times when we can turn food into our enemy-times when we use food to cure bad feelings.

So, the next time you’re eating because you’re sad or lonely or angry or hurt and NOT because you are hungry maybe it’s worth it to ask what’s eating you to figure out if that’s why you’re eating.

Many of us succumb to the temptation of using food to solve our emotional worries, such as sadness, loneliness, anger, hurt. We have all done it. We will all likely do it again.

And, the worst part? After having the bad feelings, and trying to use food to cure us, we feel an even worse feeling: guilt.

So, without a solution in sight, and with all of the many complexities attached to such a sensitive issue, what’s a girl (or boy) to do?

We eat when we are sad/lonely/angry/hurt because we think that eating food we love (or in some cases that the act of eating itself) will help cure our sadness/loneliness/anger/hurt or make us forget about these nasty feelings. Sadly, this is not true. Not ever.

Food cannot cure our sadness/loneliness/anger/hurt. Food can only cure one of our needs and that need is hunger.

Despite even a temporary lapse of time where we simply push aside these feelings to enjoy the taste of chocolate, these feelings remain within us. They resurface. They haunt us again, but now we are full. guilty. perhaps even sadder/lonelier/angrier/more hurt.

There will be times when a chocolate chip cookie helps to put a smile on our face after a bad day, not because the chocolate takes away our pain but because it is something we enjoy, much like a movie we love might help us on that bad day, too. And, the cookie/movie combo: priceless.

But, if we use food as a habitual therapy for these feelings we lose the ability to do something much more important: to deal with our feelings so that they can be quashed once and for all, and/or treated, AND to move past them.

We deny ourselves healing.
We deny ourselves the part of our lives that comes after the healing.
We deny ourselves the pleasure of enjoying a cookie for the simple pleasure of enjoying a cookie, without the guilt/shame/fear associated with eating for the purpose of treating ourselves.

That said, every now and then a girl’s gotta have some chocolate on a bad day. If this becomes a habit, though, we might want to figure out what’s eating you, because maybe that’s why we’re eating.


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