The Scale

When did the scale become our worst enemy?

A couple numbers higher, or more, and our days are ruined.

Our relationships suffer.

Our eating suffers.

Our bodies suffer.

Our souls suffer.

It is amazing how much power we give to that ridiculous scale. Not to how we feel. Not to how physically healthy we are, but to a scale, after we tell ourselves how much we SHOULD weigh.

A few years ago (or maybe more recently) SELF published an article on YOUR HAPPY WEIGHT, a weight that you could maintain without drastic measures, a weight that allowed occasional indulgences, a weight that kept you happy.

Not just some ridiculous number.

When you get a chance, try and figure out your happy weight.

A weight at which you feel comfortable.

A weight at which you like how your clothes fit you.

A weight at which you have optimum energy.

A weight at which you are HAPPY. You-not anyone else (including the media).

And, once you find that weight, strive to maintain it, within reason. Eventually, we will all realize that the scale should be just that-a scale-and that our true measure of our worth should come from our health, and happiness, and not just some ridiculous number.


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