Fat Talk

Over the next few weeks, we are going to travel back in time and publish some of our favorite posts, with some changes.  During my hiatus, I learned a lot, about myself, and where I wanted this blog to go, and not to go. Primarily, I want this blog to exist so that it helps people, and as I stated in the last post, simply put, so people will eat.

To that end, please join me as I rewrite some of the ideas that struck me back when Girl Eat first started. In a strange twist of fate, I lost those posts, but the ideas stayed with me. Now, let me present one of my all time favorites. Fat Talk.

“She would look so much better if she just lost some weight.” Not a compliment.

“She could be so pretty.” Seriously?

“Why would someone THAT heavy wear that dress?” Come on.

“I can’t eat another bite. Chocolate goes straight to my hips.” Nope. Not possible.

It happens in lunchrooms. At baseball games. In restaurants. At shopping malls, it strikes in fitting rooms, in food courts, in line. At home, it happens on the phone, via the internet, in person. On vacation, it happens on the beach, in the mountains, on the lake.

Fat talk. It happens anywhere, anytime, and we have become so accustomed to it that most of the time we do not even notice it when we hear it, or speak it, or condone it.

But, this talk is much worse than we think. It perpetuates horrible myths about food, about eating, about our bodies that serve only to destroy us, and we do it to ourselves, every single day. So today, I ask you to pledge just one thing. No fat talk. Not today. Don’t speak it. Don’t listen to it. Let’s take one very small step towards destroying it, before fat talk destroys us.


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